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Having always in the epicentre of interest both the athlete and his evolution at all stages of progress, from early childhood to that of a potential professional coach. Constantly seeking the evolution and the promotion of FINSWIMMING, there came the idea of creating the 1st WORLD FINSWIMMING TRAINERS CONGRESS. The WORLD UNDERWATER FEDERATION (CMAS) instantly approved our proposal and fully agreed on the goals and vision of such a prestigeous event. Now is the time to fill the gap that existed in the last 31 years after the educational conference held in Pisa, Italy in 1989.

As our athletes are under constant pressure in their attempt to set new records and excellence in performance CMAS stands by in that attempt supporting the athletes, the coaches, the national federations, clubs and parents alike.This particular project will offer multiple benefits in the field of our sport.

A Unified Educational Programme on FINSWIMMING is established, which will educate while at the same time will certify offering a Coach Certificate of FINSWIMMING (CMAS LEVEL 1).
This programme is administered to coaches but at the same time it will work as the starting point for those athletes who wish in future to pursue a professional carrer as coaches of   FINSWIMMING, applying to maximum the athletes’ dual career.

Standing in front of you with the ultimate sense of responsibility, we have exclusively chosen prominent University Professors of the highest level of education in the general sport fields of education. (Biochemistry, Physiology, Psychology, Nutrition e.t.c.)

The choice of the speakers on coaching subjects was formed on the basic criterion the perpetual success of the coaches who at the same time combine high scientific knowledge.

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