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Missions & Goals

In an incredibly competitive era at all levels the beneficial outcome of the congress will be multiple ones.

Offers high quality knowledge to trainers worldwide.
Opens up new employment horizons to athletes of our sport as far as coaching is concerned.
Certifies the coaching adequacy to the participants without override or exceed the coaching certification system of each State. The purpose of the award of the CMAS diploma LEVEL 1 is to certify coaching as a key tool for the sport to get known to those countries that until now Finswimming has not been developed and enriching the knowledge of the coaches of the sport.
Promotes the nation solidarity as there are no borders, religions and it also helps in creating strong bonds of relationships.
Offers equal knowledge opportunities to trainers no matter which part of the world they are in.
Presents the trainers of the sport the latest developments at both training and scientific level.
Constitutes an attraction pole for new nations aiming at fostering the sport of   FINSWIMMING.
Develops a worldwide step towards opinion exchange on matters of training and sport science.   

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