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1.Finswimming History.GAUNARD Michel
2.Evaluation of training load in finswimming: theoritical considerations & practical applications.BOTONIS Petros
3.Training periodization in finswimming: traditional & new options.TOUBEKIS Argyris
4.Effects of Menstrual cycle on performance & maximal breath hold time.CHEROUVEIM Evgenia
5.Safety & performance in apnea sport events.GELADAS Nikos
6.Optimal Hydration and Exercise PerformanceKAVOURAS Stavros
7.Hydrodynamic resistance in finswimming.GOURGOULIS Vassilios
8.Use of blood lactate in training planning & evaluation.NIKITAKIS Ioannis
9.Biochemical monitoring during a training macrocycle.KABASAKALIS Athanasios
10.Coaches role in clean sport: passing valid information to athletes.KOUKEAS Efstathios
11.Fight against Doping.LEGLISE Michel
12.The role of nutrition on athletic performance.PASCHALIS Vassilios
13.Fundamental performance nutrition and periodization of nutrition for finswimming.ESEN Ozcan
14.Performance nutrition before – during – after training and race.ESEN Ozcan
15.Nutritional Supplements and Ergogenic aids.  ESEN Ozcan
16.Finswimming Rules.GAUNARD Michel
17.General Procedures and Obligations – CMAS Events. GAUNARD Michel
18.Finswimming materials – Quality control in relation to the events.SHUMKOV Alexadr
19.Finswimming Technique of Bi Fins events.KOKAI David
20.Finswimming Technique of Monofin events.MAZZEI Valter
21.Finswimming Techique of Immersion events – Differences – Features.SAPRYKIN Igor
22.Finswimming Technique of Open Water events – Materials – Safety – Training at the Open Water fieldPULIDO Alejandro Sierra
23.Methological issues of kinematic analysis in underwater finswimming.BOUDOLOS Kostas
24.The effect of prior motor behavior on finswimming performance.KOULIANOU Maria
25.Energy metabolism in sports.CAVAS Levent
26.Biomechanical analysis in Finswimming, why, what and how.NURRA Stefano
27.Annual schedule for Sprint events.KANGPING Ou
28.Annual Athletes Schedule for middle distance events.MAZZEI Valter
29.Annual Athletes Schedule.KOKAI David
30.Annual schedule for Junior athletes: Gym & swimming poolDELGADO Fabio
31.Forming champions methodology of the trainingDELGADO Fabio
32.Tapering – Basic Rules – Specific features.MENDEZ Francisco
33.Dry-Land strenght training in finswimmingTERZIS Gerasimos
34.Strenght training for finswimming: practical applications in the gymARSONIADIS Gavriil
35.Medical assessment for Athletes: what clinical tests and investigation are evidence-based.MARINOS Giorgos
36.From sport academy to elite sport: A dynamic process, a rough path. The role of significant others (parents & coaches).PSYCHOUNTAKI Maria
37.Competitive Stress: Is it finally destructive? Traits and ways handling it.STAVROU Nektarios
38.Biomechanics of finswimming, energetic costs and performance scoring.GRAMMATICOS Basile
39.The training process in women, at distances of 100 – 200m. Surface.ARGUNOVA Elena
40.The development of the master movement in Finswimming. Sports-social values ​​and health benefits through physical activity.KAZUSHI Koizumi
41.The Concurrent Effect through the Combination of Endurance and Resistance Training: From Laboratory to the Training PractiseMETHENITIS Spyridon
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