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It certifies the coaching adequacy to the participants without override or exceed the coaching certification system of each State. The purpose of the award of the CMAS diploma LEVEL 1 is to certify coaching as a key tool for the sport to get known to those countries that until now Finswimming has not been developed and enriching the knowledge of the coaches of the sport.


Our scientific team recommends the direct online update (e-learning method), the most common way of implementation seminars worldwide. Thus, we strongly recommend the online training courses of the CMAS World Finswimming Trainers Congress Level 1.             

The successful implementation of the online trainers courses will be certified by a trainers diploma CMAS LEVEL 1. Twelve (12) thematic sessions are required for the completion of the online courses. Presentations will be in English language with subtitles in French, Spanish and Greek.

Time of realization: 30/11/2020 – 6/12/2020 (7 days)


  • Finswimming coaches and athletes, as well as all of the sports in CMAS especially water sports and sea sports.
  • Trainers or Coaches of any sport.
  • All of the students must have complete the 18th year of their ages.
  • All the participants must not prosecuted for felony or misdemeanor for using violence in sports places, for use doping and for any criminal offence or unlawful action.
  • Also they must not be banned by their National Federation or CMAS.


  • Access to internet.
  • Freehold personal e-mail account.
  • Basic operation on computer.
  • Will be admit on every student personal key number for the attendance of colloquium.


After each presentation there will be multiple choice questions that must be replied. Upon completion of the Congress and the examinations a CMAS LEVEL 1 diploma will be awarded. The names of participants, that successfully passed the examinations will be published at the official CMAS website.

Participation fee 

Participation fee for the attendance of the CMAS World Finswimming Trainers Congress Level 1 and the Certification CMAS LEVEL 1, will be: 180 Euros.
As a reason of increasing the number of the students will be preserve queue of priority. The registration system is already open.
Finally date for the completion of the requests and disbursement amount for 180 euros is 15 November.
The apply will be complete when the students pay the advance payment for 50 euros.

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